Saturday, October 1, 2011

44 Days of Witchery, Day 11: Witchy Tools: Oils

A few years ago, I was helping out a friend at work and completely hit the jackpot. You see, her job was to clean out homes and business that her boss just bought and clear out whatever remnants the previous owners left behind. On this particular day, she was cleaning out a mini spa. This spa had every essential oil imaginable! Needless to say, I brought them all home. 2 cases full of oils such as Chamomile, Basil, Eucalypti, Dragon's Blood, and many many more.
Now, my friend had no idea what on earth I wanted all these oils for. I mean, really? Why would I want Cedar oil?
But I just smiled and brought them home anyway. Because I knew that I would more than likely use every single one of them. Whether to anoint candles, make my own incense, or simply wear the essence. For example, Dragon's Blood is very good to wear when you're trying to determine who means you ill will. If someone doesn't like the scent and feels as if they need to get away from it, I suggest you try to cut ties with that person all together. Also, cinnamon oil is a very powerful scent sure to spice up your sex life.
That particular jackpot for me was a great learning experience. Being that I didn't know the properties of all the scents I brought home, I had to do a bit of reading. I learned a lot about oils and what one can do with all of them. It was wonderful practice, and I would recommend everyone do a little something with oils at least once.

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