Saturday, October 8, 2011

44 Days of Witcher: Day 18:A tarot/ oracle card

I chose The World Card. It is the final card of the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck, pictured with a woman dancing, surrounded by a wreath.

It symbolizes the an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning. It tells us full happiness is also to give back to the world, sharing what we have learned or gained. Whenever it comes up, this card represents what is truly desired.

She is, in a sense, the opposite of the Hanged Man right-side-up. As the Hanged Man saw infinitely inward, the Dancer sees infinitely outward.

The Dancer is also the opposite of the Wheel. The Wheel goes up and down like a Ferris Wheel, which means those on it feel like they get moved to higher or lower positions, are lucky or unlucky. The World, by compare, goes round and round like a carousel. This means that whatever corner of the universe a person gets sent to, it seems equally wonderful and interesting.

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