Monday, August 3, 2009

By Golly, I think I got it.

I want to begin by giving a big thank you to all the feedback I have received. I got to say, I'm just still not too accustomed to staying at home, I guess. When I was working at my old job, I spent roughly around 50 hours or so away from home. So in the little time there, I cleaned the house, got the groceries, ran my errands, and hoped I would have enough time to play with my son if I wasn't too exhausted after all that.
When I became a Full Time Mom, I didn't realize I would still be cleaning all the time! I thought I would have more time. I had no idea I would need time management skills when I am at home all day. I realize now, that of course, the dogs aren't locked up all day, and little man isn't at the babysitter's, so the mess is constant. But I found my rhythm. I did it.
Breakfast and coffee..check
Dora or Diego....check.
during Dora/Diego, I get to check my mail, my shop, Plurk/Tweet, Vote Handmade, and check out the forums. A total time of 30 minutes. Not bad, huh.
Then it's time to clean. I don't know about yours, but my son loves to clean. I hand him a broom, and he thinks he's "the man". We get the regular traffic daily areas and then we play for a bit.
Come nap time, I can re-check things on the computer, list products if needed, and then work on my jewelry some.
If I have any errands to run, I wait till he gets up from his nap, we eat lunch, and off we go. When we get back, it's normally nap time again, so I can maybe get some blog time in. Whether it's writing or reading.
By the time all that is done, well, Daddy's home.
Cook dinner, eat, play, bath, bed.
Now, Mommy can relax. I work some more on my creations while enjoying a little TV, and then off to bath and bed myself.
So far, so good. I finally found my rhythm.


  1. Wow... sounds like you really have a good rhythm down!! Congrats!

  2. Congrats on being a stay at home mom... Its my dream job ahha. Love the jewelery. So pretty!


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