Thursday, July 30, 2009


So for those of you out there that are as computer challenged as me, (i.e. I spent all day yesterday out of commission thinking my computer was out, only to find out it wasn't plugged in all the way) promoting may be the hardest thing in the wold. I couldn't feel more overwhelmed right now. There are so many places to look. So many things to read. How am I ever going to come to point where I feel comfortable stepping away from my desk. Well, I'm asking you silly. Give me some pointers, will ya?
I have a hard enough time trying to figure out what to wear today! So I would love to hear some advice as to how you got started in your business, and how long before you found a certain rhythm.


  1. My advice, from one kinda newbie to another, take things s-l-o-w. Seriously there's so much out there that it's real easy to feel overwhelmed. When that happens you are soon on the cusp of throwing in the towel.

    Start blogging once a week, just a single post. If you think of another topic you want to write about then do it, but try for at least 1 post a week. Then slowly work your way up.

    Keep a schedule. If you know you have plenty of time on a certain day, schedule that day as your "writing day". My days are Sundays. I do most of my writing and piecework on that day and then through the week as time comes up.

    I'm one of those highly organized people by nature. I feel out of sorts if my place is a mess so I am pretty rigid on organization. Lots of people aren't so don't take my word as gospel. Everyone is different. You'll catch your own groove soon enough. Good Luck!

  2. My advice would be to peek into the ArtFire Chatterbox as often as you can... join into s many conversations as you can there, it's a good way to start getting your name out there. I decided to chose one thing between things like: blogging, facebook, flickr, twitter, etc... I chose a blog and only put my time into that for now. Having a blog has really helped with my promoting. I visit other blogs, leave comments and people start to find their way back to me. I feel it can be so overwhelming, so chose one thing you want to commit to and start with that. Good Luck!

  3. Looks like you are off to a great start! And I agree with the other comments, just keep at it and it takes time. Join some of the ArtFire guilds too; it is a good way to meet people.


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