Thursday, September 22, 2011

44 Days of Witchery

Witchy day #2

A myth or story from folklore

Growing up, I was always allured by King Arthur and Guinevere. Their romance, their adventures were the stuff of dreams. But the stories I loved the most were of Avalon.
Imagine a place full of plants that produce food on their own, beautiful women that can heal with their hands, a land so luscious and peaceful and full of magic, surrounded by water.
This wonderful place is known as Avalon. A paradise described as a place where eternal spring, health, and harmony reigned. It doesn't help my allure that the island was run by women. (My inner feminist throws a fist pump in the air.)
In the stories, King Arthur was brought here when he was mortally wounded so that Morgan Le Fey and her sisters could care and heal him.
There are many stories about Avalon, and everyone of them I love.

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